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Service Offers.
DSG Logistics has fleet of over 100 trucks ranges from 6 tons up to 30 tons. Being expert in handling such business our office is in Bangkok in order to facilitate operations in Thailand, our services include:

  • transportation of general cargos
  • transportation of dangerous goods
  • transportation of oversized or over weight cargos
  • export and import customs clearance
  • In-transit cargos customs clearance.
  • Warehouse and consolidated service will be set up in both Bangkok and Vientiane in order to consolidate goods in an easy way in Laos or other overseas suppliers.

Service Quality.
To ensure safety and timely deliveries, the following procedures and guidelines which DSG Logistics implementing will also be applied for other related firms who rendered services.

  • Route Scheduling (detailed map and directions from departure to arrival) from loading area to unloading area, all drivers must familiar with their route so that delivery would not be delayed.
  • To plan for Dynamic Travel Routing (DTR) for trucks in order to use alternative routes in case of possible traffic jams or other delays in progress.
  • Implementation of an Operation Control Centre (OCC) team that will be able to receive Purchase Orders, Issue Invoices and Packing Lists for customs clearance process.

  • Delivery Planning– to plan in advance sufficient resources such as personnel and trucks based on quantity of orders.
  • Stand-by trucks are available in Bangkok and Vientiane in case of urgent shipments for direct access of transportation.

Emergency communication facilities should be adequate enough for immediate contact with designated emergency response team using such means as mobile, telephones and radios. A back-up communication system should be available at anytime. between transporter and purchaser should be monitored in every transaction since, DSG Logistics management instantly and consistently can communicate thru phone or facsimile and immediate delivery of documents to other affiliated company which needs transport services. If meeting is necessary, we will be able to inform management and other staff to have a meeting and this will ensure the effective communication will be maintained between DSG Logistics management up to rank and file. transporter of general cargo, Hazardous and non Hazardous Chemical, the dangerous goods from supplier are significant to the consumers firm and in many cases will shut down the plant when does not have enough and available or insufficient quantities. Consider all factors relating with general cargos, dangerous goods and urgent shipment for the procedures we adopt to ensure consumers and companies who rendered the same service that cargos are safe and in time.

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