DSG Logistics Company

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DSG a forwarder company which provide services to accommodate needs of every clients and very much eager to respond any request in providing the collection, shipment and delivery of goods to transport as general cargos.
DSG Logistics Company Limited is privately owned company which exclusively runs and operates its services within Thailand and Laos PDR while the main office is in Bangkok. It specializes on providing safe working procedures in transporting non- hazardous and dangerous chemical substances, in which it caters the needs of every client from supplier to the final user.
The DSG Logistics has always held with high regard and always been expected to have more prospects due to its excellent service and good offers to the buyers, distributors and suppliers. The company is fortunate enough since this company has able to support with other related firm in this field of endeavor. In fact, DSG Logistics has experienced in managing cargoes as well, operating transportation facilities of this company to its clients both Thailand and Laos PDR.

The DSG Logistics adhere to Health Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and its account management structures really ensure customers responsiveness, interactions, and continuous patronage. The company is much confident and strongly believes that these relationship, understanding, and trusts will embrace a strong partnership that is committed in achieving services driven results at a sustainable cost.

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